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Flossing Band Rockford Kinesiology

Flossing Band Rockford Kinesiology

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The RK Floss Bands are ideal for muscle compression, offering you mobility and fastening up your recovery. RK Floss bands help you heal faster after sports injuries, and also help increase flexibility and body awareness when used properly. 

Floss bands can be used for occlusion (blood flow restriction) training, as a resistance band, for compression of swollen tissues, and to provide extra stability in joints. It is an ideal tool for athletes, fitness enthusiast and physical therapists thanks to the ability to recover from the stress of a workout, heal from injury, and prevent new injuries from occurring.

It is a great multi-purpose mobility tool, that can be used to help you gain internal rotation of the shoulder, extension of the elbow and knee.

This RK Sports recovery tool allows you to rehab and strengthens the issued area without re-injuring it, the result is you feeling much better.

Rockford Kinesiology Flossing Bands can speed up the healing process and greatly reduce the swelling, becoming one the best solution to eliminate inflammation and break up scar tissue. After constant and correct professional useyou can see great improvements in your range of motion, feeling and being healthier with improved physical performance in sports and your daily activities.

If you feel sore or tight it will help your muscles loosen upAthletes around the world use Rockford Kinesiology Flossing Bands to increase circulation to their joints & muscles, obtaining oxygenated nutrient-rich blood for recovery, healing and strength.

Tendonitis and working out can get really painful sometimes. If you’re a workout addict, you might have experienced until now some knee/elbow/shoulder pain. The most common causes of muscle pain are tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries.

If you’re feeling back of the knee swelling and side knee pain and you want to remain active and complete your training, before movement class wrap your leg with the help of your specialist, do some specific movement that your trainer suggests, and then unwrap. Your leg becomes warmer and tingly and you’ll be able to walk without a limp. Your mobility will increase substantially!

The RK Flossing Band techniques are perfect for active recovery, prehab, rehab.

In sports, especially those that require very important mobility such as overhead squats, squat, pistol squat or lunge – crossfit, ankle range of motion is essential. Wrap the flossing elastic band around your ankle to create compression and limit the blood supply, while mobilizing this joint to the maximum of its anatomical range of motion, to make your ankle feel more steady and stronger.

Being able to manage some tightness and swelling after harder/longer workouts it works great.

Flossing Band Rockford Kinesiology - Sport Accessories for Muscle Compression and Recovery

Relying on the RK Muscle Compression Floss Bands for recovery – wrapping up an ankle, calf, or quad – running through some range of motion, and pulling them off is instant relief and you’ll be able to tell a difference when on the next run. In terms of all the random recovery gimmicks out there, this one is a cost-benefit trade-off.

Always consult a fitness, specialist or medical professional before using floss bands for proper and safe use.

Medical Disclaimer

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