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Ventuze de silicon

Ventuze de silicon

95,00 lei

RK Premium Silicone Cupping Set

Rockford Kinesiology Premium Silicone Cupping Set is one of the most used tools of clinics, massage therapists, medical professionals, spa centers, athletes due to effective cupping therapy results. Thanks to superior suction & control of the soft tissue mobilizations during therapy, these silicone cups are very easy to handle by professional therapists and are made from medical grade silicone. The vacuum cupping set contains 4 cups, clear, BPA free use in different parts of your body such as on your thighs, legs, back, arms, neck. The carrying pouch is convenient for your travels and for long term usage.

Silicone Cupping for Therapy - Extra Efficiency by Rockford Kinesiology - Set of 4 Cups

Multiple uses with a few SIMPLE STEPS: for muscle & joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder tension, fascia release, stress relief, loose inches & weight, anti-cellulite, improving digestive function, increasing blood and lymph circulation, improving sleep quality. Also, this cupping set can work as an anti-aging product for healthy and younger-looking skin. It effectively expands your capillaries boosting blood flow which helps you attain healthier firm skin. This cupping set by Rockford Kinesiology is a must-have tool for the experienced massage therapist, medical professional or athlete, but can also be used by anyone at home, with safety and ease, as long as they are supervised/advised by a specialist prior.


Instructions of use:

• Apply IASTM balm to the skin surface in the desired area; you can purchase the Rockford Kinesiology Myofascial Release Balm – IASTM balm from here

• Apply the cups for vacuum effect in the desired area, while maintaining patient comfort

• Start applying circular or linear movements guiding the soft tissue with therapeutic mobilization

• After a few movements, the air can enter into the suction cup and is it is necessary to adjust the suction level again, while you will continue to carry out the massage movements.


This product is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.

Recommended to be used by specialists trained in sports/medical recovery.

If you are a health care professional developing your career in physical rehabilitation, you can learn the most efficient techniques of kinesiology cupping used by our trainers, worldwide. Take a closer look at our courses, here: